BoryNet Cloud WiFi Solution for Education

BoryNet Cloud WiFi Solution for Education


In 2010,the exciting concept of smart campus was firstly brought forward in the twelfth five-year informatization plan, which described a blueprint to build a campus full of ubiquitous e-learning, online researches with integrated innovation, campus management with transparency and high efficiency, colorful campus culture, and convenience campus life. In a word, the aim is to build a safe, stable, environmental and energy-saving campus. Nevertheless, smart campus must have platform combined with both wired coverage and wireless coverage. As a best partner, Borynet will focus on providing a whole-set wireless coverage solution for campus.

1.WiFi coverage requirement analysis in campus industry

As the environment in campuses is different, the requirements for wireless network are different as well. For instance, dormitories, teaching buildings and libraries require high density access and high bandwidth, canteens require high density access and low bandwidth, libraries require low density access and high bandwidth, and playgrounds require low density access and low bandwidth. Therefore, the network requirements should be comprehensively taken into consideration when the wireless network is in construction in colleges. General speaking, there are some problems as follows:

  • 1) The campus is too big, the WiFi signal coverage is incomplete and with some blind spots.
  • 2) When moving in the campus, it is hard to connect AP stably or make AP switch.
  • 3) In populated areas such as teaching buildings and dormitories, the network is terrible and easy to get dropped or unconnected.
  • 4) It cannot provide hierarchical rights management for different users, and cannot offer different internet rights based on internet requirements of leaders, teachers or students.
  • 5) The maintenance is complicated and expensive, requiring on-site maintenance by professional people.

2.BoryNet cloud WiFi solution for campus industry

  • BoryNet has abundant experience in wireless network construction. It adopts a new generation revolutionary technology of operation level WiFi. BoryNet cloud solution has made all-round software definition and cloud computerization over traditional hardware AC functions, and adopted public and private cloud technology to manage remote cloud AP. Compared with the traditional solution which adopts hardware AC, it provides hierarchical rights management for different users and make sure people in the campus can have access to network reasonably, while decreasing construction costs and maintenance costs greatly.
  • 2.1. With BeamCloud antenna, ensuring high quality WiFi and seamless coverage in the campus

    As different spots in the campus have different density access, the bandwidth requirements are different so that differentiated deployment plans should be adopted. Take dormitory as an example, it often has complete wired internet and low wireless network load pressure, so it only needs to use ceiling mounted or panel type AP at deployment. For teaching buildings and libraries, as the access density is high and the wireless network load pressure is big, it often gets disconnected or dropped with some blind spots in some area. BoryNet cloud WiFi solution adopts special BeamCloud antenna technique, cloud AP dual-frequency deployment. It supports 802.11ac agreement and ensures seamless coverage of network signals. It also adopts radio frequency tuning, load balancing, channel and frequency bandwidth adaptive adjustment according to the environment and access number and, so as to meet the demand of high density network users.

    2.2. Multilayer guard and isolation, fully safeguarding wireless network system safe and reliable in the campus

    In order to ensure people have safe access to internet in the campus, BoryNet launches multiple certification modes to ensure the access safety. Take Portal certification for an example, each teacher and student has independent user name so that they can login into the network with user name and password. Meanwhile, the whole cloud WiFi system has a series of functions and multilevel security, such as build-in black and white list control, firewall, and AP isolation, so as to promote the security of network. Besides, it supports N+1 warm backups, local escape technology, so that it can keep online customers connected and keep information intact even though the cloud AC or CAPWAP breaks down, thus to promote the system reliability .

    2.3. Delicacy management, allocating different plans for different grade customers

    In order to meet the diversified network demand in leaders, teachers, and students, BoryNet supports hierarchical policy management, which allocates different services for each plan with different priority, bandwidth control, and access rights. In addition, it can also make internet controls by different occasions and locations. For instance, it can ban wireless connection during class time to avoid distraction while use without limits during rest time. In the laboratories, only internal network can be connected so as to optimize wireless resources.

    2.4. Advertisement pushing, timely publicizing school news and launching study style construction

    By combining Portal certification and Wechat certification to define the content of advertisement, the campus could push contents like academic achievements, political news, campus life, etc, so as to let teachers and students timely get school news in real time. In addition, it can also push different contents according to time and location. For instance, when people steps into library, it can push hot books on the page, when people steps into laboratories, it can broadcast the latest research achievements. In the canteen, it can push nutrition breakfast series in the breakfast time while it can push delicate dishes in the lunch or supper time.

    2.5. Cloud remote management, decreasing maintenance cost and without on-site maintenance in the campus

    As the campus is large and requires many AP devices, it is a headache to effectively and conveniently manage AP devices in the campus. BoryNet launches many technologies to carry out remote maintenance such as cloud locking technology, one-key replacement technology, cloud routine inspection and online upgrading technology. When AP is stolen, cloud terminal will lock the stolen AP and make it out of use. When AP breaks down, you only need enter MAC address of the new AP to replace the broken AP. By using cloud routine inspection and health examination, you can detect AP anytime and anywhere, so as to get control of AP status and its health condition. By using the online upgrade function, you can upgrade AP to the latest version anytime. In addition, managers in the campus can also upgrade the AP singly or in batch. With all of these, it can indeed save unnecessary human resources and decrease maintenance cost of the campus.